HALI 139: review by M. Franses

HALI 139, 2005

Last Word on Transylvania
The mystery of so-called ‘Transylvanian’ rugs is explained in a superb new book, Antique
Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania
, written, compiled and published by Stefano Ionescu, with
additional texts by Alberto Boralevi and Andrei Kertesz. According to Michael Franses, the
book is beautifully produced, thoroughly researched, extremely well written, and a ‘must-
have’ for all rug libraries and carpet bibliophiles

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The Robert Pinner Lectures 2005

London, HALI Fair 2005, Saturday 11 June , 3.00 pm

The Saxon Churches of Transylvania and their Rugs

Stefano Ionescu

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HALI 137, 2004: Transylvanian Tale by Stefano Ionescu

HALI 137, 2004

Transylvanian Tale by Stefano Ionescu
A four-year project to research and catalogue all 15th to 18th century Ottoman rugs in Transylvania will shortly be published, with extensive colour illustrations, in English, Italian and Romanian editions. The author, who is the driving force behind the project, dicusses its background and discusses one of the rug world’s most intriguing mysteries.

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HALI 136: Remembering Ferenc Batári

HALI 136
The First Ottoman Turkish Carpet Exhibition in the Western World by Ferenc Batári

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GHEREH 33, 2004

GHEREH 33, 2004

Ritorno in Transilvania di Alberto Boralevi

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