TRIP TO ITALY: from Sartirana to Palermo, 13-24 Sept. 2011

This was an  unusual tour which, based on personal experiences. We all met in Sartirana the day of the Preview of the Textile Show organised by Alberto Boralevi. Download the brochure of the tour: TRIP TO ITALY SEPTEMBER 2011

Our location was in Mortara (2 nights) close to Sartirana. Milan Malpensa airport is just 1 hour drive from Mortara. Pavia, Vigevano and visit to Edoardo Concaro’s private collection were part of the tour.

From Milan we flew to Sicily (3 nights) where we explored the wonderful Arab and Norman vestiges in Palermo, Monreale and Cefalù.

Then we flew to Naples and spent 5 nights in the fabulous Villa Angelina, once belonging to the ship-owner Achile Lauro; our tour included some some of the most enchanting places in the Mediterranean, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello and Capri, which offer unmatched combination of natural beauty, pleasant climate, vestiges, culture and… gastronomy.

At the end all the roads lead to Rome. The program covered early Christian mosaics, Cosmatesque pavements and other lerser known treasures of the Eternal City.

This is what Jeanette and Tripp Miller of NY thought about the tour:

“Thank you Stefano for an experience that will join our list of wonderful and memorable trips. Exhilarating, edifying and entertaining are some adjectives that we would use to describe the past two weeks. Despite the fact we have returned to Italy many times since our first visit in 1968, your unique itinerary had virtually no significant overlap with any of our earlier trips to Italy.  From Pavia through Sicily and the idyllic days at Villa Angelina (and dinners at Monte Corbo), every moment reflected a well-conceived plan.”