St Margaret’s Church in Mediaș: The Monument and the Carpet Collection       65 €
This book (160 pages, English/German) is a tribute to the beauty of St Margaret’s Church in Mediaș, to the treasures of medieval art that it shelters, and the historic Anatolian carpets, donated by parishioners in centuries past. The carpet collection includes Holbein, Lotto, Selendi and so called Transylvanian rugs.

Anatolian Carpets             80 €
This is the accompanying catalogue of the major exhibition of Gdansk (November 2013 – February 2014).
– 24 full page photos of Anatolian rugs exhibited in Gdańsk;
– 21 photos of rugs and fragments of the Brukenthal collection;
– 4 great rugs sourced in Transylvania now in Museum collections;
– 30 photos of Lutheran Churches in Transylvania;- detailed notes and a new theory of the design origins of the ‘Transylvanian’ group;
– 196 pages, hardbound.
“….an excellent piece of work and a genuinely beautiful book. I am very appreciative of good work.” –  Jon Thompson

Die Osmanischen Teppiche in Siebenbürgen             200 €
– 240 Seiten, 24 x 34 cm
– 299 Farbabbildungen osmanischer Teppiche
– 25 Schwarz-Weiß-Abbildungen osmanischer Teppiche
– 18 Fotos von Kirchen, in denen Teppiche ausgestellt sind
– 60 Schwarz-Weiß-Fotos und -Illustrationen
– Karte der Orte mit osmanischen Teppichen in Siebenbürgen
In Praise of God: Anatolian Rugs in Transylvanian Churches         150 €
Catalogue of the Exhibition organised at the Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul, 2007
English. 1 copy available.
Altorientalische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen               1.500 €
Original 1933 grand format work, 1 copy available, very good condition;
Altorientalische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen             120 €
Compact reprint (A4) of the large format volume of Emil Schmutzler  published in 1933;
German text + English translation, 160 p., colour, hardbound;
Photos reduced by 20% against original. 1 copy available.
Handbook of Fakes by Tuduc                                     90 €
(World’s most famous rug forger)
110 fakes published in colour and in black/white;
23 Anatolian, Caucasian and Persian rugs used as models by Tuduc, published in colour;
6 ‘whereabouts unknown’ (Anatolian rugs which were recorded in Transylvania before WWII, and
have since disappeared);
156 pages, size 21 x 29 cm;
50 copies, digital printing on 150gr paper, hard cover.
Keshte, Central Asian Embroideries: The Marshall and Marilyn R. Wolf Collection               400 €
Ernst J. Grube (Author)
Book Condition: As new. 9.5 x 13 Hardback in pristine condition;
Illustrated by 43 color plates 130+ color and black and white figures.


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