from the collection of the Brukenthal  National Museum in Sibiu (Gdańsk  2013)

This is the accompanying catalogue of the major exhibition of Gdansk (November 2013 – February 2014). The work  is a tribute to the beauty of the Anatolian rugs in the Brukenthal Museum and of the Churches in Transylvania where they survived:

Foreword by  Bishop Reihart Guob, Bishop of the Evangelic-Lutheran Church in Romania;

Ottoman Rugs and the Evangelic-Lutheran Church of the Transylvanian Saxons by Pastor Kilian Dörr & Frank-Thomas Ziegler (Custodian of the Brukenthal Collections);

The Protestant Churches of Transylvania and the Ottoman Rugs by Stefano Ionesc;

History of the carpet collection of the Brukenthal National Museum by Dr. Alexandru Sonoc;


The book is illustrated with the best photos ever published about this textile treasure:

  • 24 full page photos of Anatolian rugs exhibited in Gdańsk;
  • other 21 photos of rugs and fragments of the Brukenthal collection;
  • 4 great rugs sourced in Transylvania now in Museum collections;
  • 30 photos of Lutheran Churches in Transylvania;
  • 2 paintings showing Anatolian rugs;
  • detailed notes and a new theory of the design origins of the ‘Transylvanian’ group;
  • 196 pages, hardbound.

“….an excellent piece of work and a genuinely beautiful book. I am very appreciative of good work.”  Jon Thompson

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