Month: February 2009

Romanian Academy Award

In December 2008 the volume Antique Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania has been awarded the G. Oprescu Prize of the Romanian Academy in History of Art.  This is the most important award for a book in Romania and also one of the very rare academic awards for a carpet book, worldwide.

Museum für Islamische Kunst: Osmanische Teppiche in Siebenbürgen, Berlin, Oktober 2006 – Januar 2007

This is the first time after the great exhibition of 1914 from Budapest that rugs from the Transylvanian Lutheran Parishes are exhibited abr oad.

23 outstanding Ottoman rugs, from the secont half of the 15th century to the end of the 17th century, from the great Parish collections of Brasov (Kronstadt) and Medias (Mediasch) and from smaller Transylvania Parishes – Bagaciu (Bogeschdorf), Ghimbav (Weidenbach), Halchiu (Heldsdorf), Richis (Reichesdorf), Rupea (Reps), Sânpetru (Petersberg), Valea Viilor (Wurmloch) –, with examples from the Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu were exhibited at the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin.

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Download the brochure of the exhibition (German)

Download article by Magdi Soos

Transylvanian tours 2004 – Marilyn R. Wolf reports

October 2004: rug-tour to Budapest. See report

Marilyn Wolf writes: Transyvaniacs met again in Budapest under the intrepid guidance of ‘Il Professore’, the ever-scholarly Alberto Boralevi, the indefatigable Stefano Ionescu, and aided by the wonderfully erudite Professor Ferenc Batári. Some 22 Italians and three Americans continued the on the trail of the “Hungarian” Transylvanians during 14 – 17 November 2004.

We were privileged to search the storage of the Applied Arts Museum, where we saw some beautifully conserved and maintained Transylvanians. We saw the breathtaking “Crevelli” on view at the Nagyteteny Castle and marvelled at the Transylvanians on public view at the Hungarian National Museum.

April 2004: rug-tour to Transylvania. See report